With years of experience, ComputerWorld specialises in the delivery of disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity solutions. We work closely with our partner iland to offer you complete peace of mind.
With the power of the iland Catalyst tool we can see a full view of your environment – resources, storage consumption, and general layout. Together we will then create customised groupings for disaster recovery to correctly size CWcare DRaaS specifically for you.
Sign up for a demo of the market-leading cloud management console with unmatched visibility and control. You can learn more about our flexible and cost-effective cloud-based disaster recovery solutions.
Understand how DRaaS would work for your organisation with our free analysis.

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To understand how we will process, store and protect your data, please review our privacy policy.

CWcare DRaaS starts with our DR specialists helping create a service catalogue. This fully documents the services delivered to your business and the priority they need to be made available should there be a DR event. From here we are able to assign recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) to allow us to build the DR service to meet your businesses specific needs.
CWcare DRaaS is a fully managed disaster recovery service, hosted out of accredited UK and global data centres. Once implemented our specialists will fully monitor the replication of your workloads to the DR environment as well as working with you to plan and undertake non-disruptive DR tests to meet your needs. If the worst should happen and a DR event occurs we will work with you to fully manage the fail-over and fail-back of your business critical workloads.
Managed And Reliable 
Affordable and Predictable 
Our aim is to support your business by providing a reliable and effective disaster recovery solution at an affordable price. Our approach is personalised and straightforward to ensure your disaster recovery plan combines expert knowledge with the right technology for your business. 
ComputerWorld partner, iland maintains a Gold Level of the CSA STAR certification, leading a very elite group.
ComputerWorld maintains ISO 27001 certifications for its data centres as well as full corporate review and certification of its operations. 
ComputerWorld retains ISO 9001 certifications to demonstrate globally recognised standards for quality management. 
ComputerWorld holds the Cyber Essentials PLUS certification demonstrating sufficient controls to protect against internet-based cyber security threats.  
With CWcare DRaaS you get supported tests, failover and assisted failback. This gives you the flexibility to test your plan whenever you would like, as often as you’d like. 
Test your DR plan at any time
Once you declare a disaster, CWcare DRaaS solution can failover in seconds - an almost instantaneous RTO that can be further tailored by tiering workloads. 
Accelerate recovery time
CWcare DRaaS ensures that workloads are safe, secure and compliant. You get access to all the reporting on those workloads seamlessly through our cloud console. 
Advanced Security & Compliance 
What other benefits will CWcare DRaas offer you?
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Our data protection audit will help you identify clear pathways to improve your data protection and business continuity strategies.
  • Review your current backup and DR strategy, including how these elements are tested within the business today.
  • Discuss the classification of your data including service catalogue and identified RPOs and RTOs.
  • Assess the data security surrounding your current backup and DR systems.
  • Consider IT challenges such as maintenance and costs associated with your current data protection solutions. 

How to plan your DR Solution 
request your analysis now
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